Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spinning... the final frontier? Probably not.

I've been borrowing my friend MJ's spinning wheel for a year now and am only just now really getting into it. I love it. It's so relaxing and frankly there is a HUGE cool factor for me. I'm SPINNING my own yarn. Yes folks, that's right. I can spin yarn. It's really not as hard as it looks. It's pretty mindless. You can sit for hours and spin while watching tv. There's nothing to count. No stitches to accidentaly drop. No pattern to follow. Pretty much it's right up my mommy zombie alley!

This pretty little skein is 275 yards of merino. I thought it was not going to be very soft. The fiber prespun felt course to me. But after I started working with it the fibers started softening up a lot. I'm thinking with a good washing and beat down it will get a little softer.

I bought this fiber in Santa Monica at a yarn shop that I shall not name. They weren't very nice to me. Now granted I did have my two kids with me (this was pre Zane) but they know all about yarn shops. I used to work in one so I know how it goes. But come on, I wouldn't have taken them in there with me unless it was a DIRE circumstance. And since my husband was in training and we were on "vacation" taking my kids with me was a must. But still... I'm pretty sure I would have spent more money if I hadn't had five pairs of evil eyes cast on me. So there you go folks. Lesson of the day. Even if you work in a posh shop in Santa Monica you should still be nice to the frazzled mom of two who stopped in for some much needed fiber therapy and got the stank eye instead. That's all I'm sayin'.
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