Monday, April 4, 2011

TWO finished knitted articles of clothing. Holy cow!

I love when I have a finished project. It makes my heart pitter patter and I get to feel the sense of true accomplishment. And brag. I really like to brag. Especially when it's something wearable like this...

My favorite part about this wrap is that you can wear it a gazillion ways. And it's so pretty. For my fibery friends you can see more on the rav page for it.

AND not only did I finish one wearable adult sized item this last month but two. FOR ME. I know, the shock almost killed me too.

Oh man, I need a hair makeover. Stat.


  1. Boh of those are gorgeous but I'm in love with the brown one.

  2. Both are GORGEOUS!!! I am in love with the short brown sweater. LOVE!!!

  3. Ooh, I love love love the first one! Both are so beautiful!

  4. Ohh!! I want one of each! seriously, I want one of each. :)

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