Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Potager Garden

We just moved into a fabulous new house with a garden spot all ready to go. I am so excited! At the library I found this great book called Designing the New Kitchen Garden- An American Potager Handbook by Jennifer P Bartley. Now, I have never once read a gardening book from cover to cover. Mostly I just browse through the pics stopping every once in a while to read the text. This book is different. I love the history behind a potager garden. I love her design ideas. I just love how she incorporates beauty, tranquility and home grown healthy eating.

If you have a garden or want to start one this is the book for you! I would probably also suggest a few plant reference books as this book is really about the design and not actual gardening facts.

For kicks and giggles here I am tilling the earth in my garden plot. I am working this week on the design. The starts are in the greenhouse at a friends place. I can't wait to lay it all out and plant!

I'm currently working on this bit. I'm going to put the squash and pumpkins here. There are some gnarly dandelions in there. I am amazed at how large those roots are.

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