Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yes, it's another blog!

This is not my first blog. I have had another blog for quite sometime now. I go through fits and spurts of posting on it. It's a great blog. Don't get me wrong. I love it. I just had a moment of briliant thought and said to myself "Hey, Onica! You should really start a blog of all your projects". So here it is. I'm keeping the old blog. But it will be for family stuff. Vacations, Kids, why my husband drives me crazy.

This blog is for me.

You see. I am The Peasant Housewife. I have labeled myself thus for a few reasons. Now, don't mock but I was reading a great little Historical Romance (aka The Trashy Novel) and the heroine loudly proclaimed to her new husband that she was NOT going to cook or do the dishes as she was most emphatically NOT a Peasant Housewife. I swear you could hear the angelic music in my head when I read that. What a perfect name for a blog. Or a craft line. Or a book! I apparently have high aspirations. :)

Reason #2: A peasant was an agricultural worker (aka farmer) and worked for "The Man". Now, I may not work for "The Man" but my husband does. (It's a great little company called Trader Joes. Man, I love that place!) But, I do personally have a garden. Right now it's currently hibernating under a piece of black plastic and some steer manure, but give it a few months. It will be amazing!

Reason #3: Peasants were poor(ish). Funny. That's exactly the current status we find ourselves in. Granted it's because of Student Loans and Car Payments.

Reason #4: Peasants were rather proficient in producing children. I currently have three. They make lots of projects for me to do.

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