Monday, October 25, 2010

One Grecian Urn

One Grecian Urn!

Red, White and Blue!

Doing what we do best... eavesdropping!

Oh the gym outfits!

So The Music Man is over and done with. It was so fun and awesome. I had the best time. Even while juggling my three kids around. There were many times I was wondering why the heck I was putting myself through that aggravation. And you know if I hadn't had done it I would have missed out on so much.
I made the most amazing friends. These women. We are funny, silly, beautiful, amazing, talented, heartfelt, wonderful and truly inspiring. I love each of these ladies with all my heart and am so glad to count them amongst my friends.

The Ladies

Gabe was also in the MM. He was in the boys band. For weeks he said he didn't want to go but as soon as he got there he was just fine. In fact, other than a small mishap involving having to play the flute instead of the trumpet he was having a total blast. And driving everyone crazy in the process I am sure.

There were so many people involved in making this happen. Thank you to anyone who had a hand putting this on. It was truly spectacular.
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Curtain Call
Boys Band!
Iowa Stubborn

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  1. I love being on stage! I'm not really shy, but I get very nervous doing it, but it's a ton of fun, too.

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