Saturday, October 9, 2010

We've drank the kool-aid.

A few weeks ago my husband informed me how much he thinks he'll have made at the end of the year.

My jaw dropped.

And then I started crying because all we have to show for it is a bunch of receipts for rent, STUDENT LOANS, old credit cards and doctor and dental bills. Oh and food. WAY too much money spent on food. And possibly craft supplies. Ok, most definately the craft supplies. I decided then and there that we make enough money that we shouldn't feel so strapped for cash. And we are. We totally live paycheck to paycheck. No emergency fund. My small inky dinky credit card is almost maxed out. I am done with that! I want money in our savings account and I definately want to be debt free.

Enter this book...

Now, a lot of things in there I know and are pretty common sense. Our church teaches about debt snowballing, etc. But for some reason that didn't click until now. This book is great. It has all his steps laid out for you. And really awesome stories of real people who have done this. Got out of debt. Have money in an emergency fund. Are investing in their retirement/kids college accounts and other things. Have paid for cars and houses. IN CASH.

I now try to catch his radio show everyday. My husband is on board, but I think he's a tad bummed that there will be a significant reduction in his fast food diet. Don't worry. I'm sure he'll be just fine.


  1. We also live paycheck to paycheck. We make more money now than at any other time in our lives. Good for you to take on the challenge. I keep hesitating and I don't know why.

  2. same here we live paycheck to paycheck. check out websites such as :


    the best thing about knocking out the fast food is the weight loss :D give it a couple of weeks and i think your husband will be pleasantly surprised


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