Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A goal for December! (Ok, I have more than one goal.)

First off. Sorry for the missing Trader Joes Tuesday. It's coming! The baby has been ultra fussy. Come to find out the generic gigantic bag of tater tots I got on sale last week contain gluten. Huh. The ones at Trader Joes don't and neither do the ones at Fred Meyer. What a sad lesson to learn. And James and I are super sleep deprived.

We also have some footage of a super awesome craft tutorial that we hope to wrap up today so I can edit and upload it. Hopefully. See above paragraph. Here's a sneak peak.

And in December I have a HUGE goal of blogging And crafting/creating/making at least one gift a day until Christmas/Birthday Extravaganza begins. I swear there are about 10 birthdays in December/January in my family. It's nuts!

Starting with my baby. Who turns a year old on the 6th. Don't ask me where the year has gone. I couldn't possibly tell you.

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  1. awesome I think I may up the blogging to more than the twice a week ordeal I was doing I am doing 2 recipes a week for december maybe that will continue? lol sometimes its hard to stay on top of everything with kids and housework and all the general things that go into being a wife and a mother I feel for you on your fussy baby been there a time or two myself, hope it clears up soon and you and the hubby can get some well deserved sleep. Hope y'alls thanksgiving was great Ashley


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