Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trader Joes Tuesday- Pancakes!

I usually make my pancakes from scratch. But since going Gluten/Dairy free that is no longer fun for me. So a few months ago James brought home the Buttermilk Pancake Mix from Trader Joes. I whipped some up the next morning and my kids chowed them down. So I snuck a piece. Sure enough it tastes exactly like my homemade from scratch ones.

They are super easy to make. You just need a griddle, some Pam, an egg (I made a double batch), water, mixing bowl, whisk and spatula.

Add water and eggs to the mix and whisk.

This batter is too thick. For great pancakes your batter should be the consistancy of a yummy milkshake.

Just right! Now time to get them on the griddle.

Here's a tip for when to turn them. See those little bubbles. When they start popping lift up the edge and peek at the bottom. They should be ready to turn.

When they are done put them on a plate and add peanut butter and syrup! (Trust me, it's good.)

My most favorite pancake tip of all (especially if you have to cut up a lot) is to use a pizza cutter. I also use the pizza cutter to cut up sandwhiches. (I have more than one kid. LOL.)

Now, if I was smart I would have had my husband bring home some a frozen fruit medley so I could make a yummy fruit compote for the top. Maybe next time!

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  1. I use the pizza cutter on just about everything too. :)


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