Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's not a shameless plug if there's only one, right?

The other day I was cutting vinyl for my knitting friends and made a super cute one that said "Knitting is Magic." I stuck it on a 3 ring binder to show it off. But there was a problem. The binder was just BORING. So off to the scrap store I went.

Now, mind you I have avoided the scrap store pretty well for the last four years. I think I've been in there only a handful of times. Because my scrap stash was seriously huge. And I never scrap anymore. Which is sad.

So, today I remedied both the boring binder problem and the haven't-scrapped-in-a-million-years problem and made this...

LOVE this HP paper. It's a good solid heavy weight double sided bit of awesomeness. And I really love the browns.

For the back I cut out the crests by hand. LOVE them. I want them everywhere. Why did I only buy four pieces of paper? LOL.

The side features the original vinyl. I think it's one of my favorite knit quotes ever.

Here's the whole thing all spread out.

And a close up of the quote on the front.

I also figured out why I haven't scrapped in a bit...


(And next time I need a plan! LOL.)

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