Friday, February 18, 2011

Madrona- For My Fiber Friends!

As my good friend Gwen eloquently stated on her blog post we have been saying for forever that we need to collaborate and just DO something. So we did! LOL. It was a total spur of the moment thing yesterday at Opening Day of Madrona. We grabbed her camera and did some interviews. I'm trying to find the time to go again before the weekend is through so we can get some more done. There are so many amazing artists there sharing their crafts in classes and workshops and of course in their booths!

I love Madrona. This was my third year going and waiting outside the doors of Hotel Murano was like waiting outside of Target on Black Friday. I kid you not. And usually when the doors open there is a mass filing over to the Blue Moon Fiber  booth. And people still did high-tail it over there. But this year... this year it was a crazy full on run over to the Goth Socks booth (Rainy Days and Wooly Dogs). I've never seen such madness for yarn before! (I was very impressed. Man, don't I wish I had a following like that!)

My Snagless Stitch Markers are once again in Lollipop Cabins booth. The tins are so cute but aren't selling. They sell amazingly online. Weird. I know.

Anyways... here's what Gwen and I did. Yep, we made a video. Enjoy!

Madrona Marketplace on Opening Day from Gwen Gyldenege on Vimeo.

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