Friday, April 9, 2010

A little floral design...

Um, so I have a rather insane amount of craftiness in me. I somehow blame my mother and my grandmothers before me. And the blogs. Oh, the blogs.

My grandmother was a florist. I grew up helping her out every once in a while. She taught me how to make boutonniers at a very, very young age. (I think I was 6 or so.) When my good friend Erika took floral design classes I was hooked again. Her and I started doing weddings down in California. This was probably 5 years ago.

When we moved up to Washington I got a job working as the lead floral designer at a small florist in my town. I loved working with the flowers. I sometimes miss working as a designer but my awesome hubby brings me a bouquet or two of fresh cut flowers home from work for me to play around with.

I don't know what it is about it. Maybe it's the same reason I scrap, or knit, or crochet, or just craft in general. There is something about putting together the right textures and colors and shapes to make something pleasing to look at. It's a sense of accomplishment that I made it. It's the fact that for a few hours out of the day I can be as messy as I want.

And then I have to clean it all up.

All these I made for an absolutely fabulous friends' baby shower. Welcome baby Molly!


  1. Uber cute! I got to "arrange" some flowers today too. But they don't look nearly that nice.

  2. Pretty flowers, I wish my fur ball would not try to eat them every time they are in the house.


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