Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The rush to finish.

My friend Kelly's baby shower was scheduled to be at my house. I can't have a baby shower with a tv sitting in a box in the middle of the floor.

And to top it off we had gotten a bedframe that needed to be stained. And we switched couches with my friend Allison. She took my tiny loveseat. I took her futon. Which I promptly decided also needed to be stained.

Who in their right mind has three projects that NEED to be stained in a week? Oh, that would be me. Because you know, just having a baby can't possibly be enough. Did I mention I have two other children as well?

So, we move the console again. This time to our house in our garage. In between being a mom and a wife I put on my work pants, my work sweatshirt and grab my plastic gloves, the stain and a paintbrush.

Bombay Mahogany for the couch and bed.

The bedframe before...

A picture of all three... the piece in the front is part of the futon. The frame is to the right. And the media console is in the back.
Aegean Blue for the console. We love this color. It took three coats of stain and I believe as many polyeurathane coats as well.

Have I mentioned the awesome workout this is? I've dropped at least five pounds and my legs are looking awesome!

Do you like the TJ's shirt? Thanks, Honey!

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