Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Media Console... a few days later

So, it's incredibly time consuming trying to build something with a 3 month old nursing baby. Pretty much it's a two person job. The baby still needs to be held and changed. So, any building time that I get happens when my husband is around. Which isn't often because the guy works 50 hours a week. And an hour away. But hey, it's Trader Joes so he makes up for it by bringing me home yummy goodies.

Because I needed some extra hands (the thing had gotten too big for me to manuever by myself) we decided to move it to the in-laws house. Lots of people there! The only downfall... no garage. So I'm on the backporch working. It's a beautiful, if cold day. Then it starts getting clowdy. Then it starts sputtering snow. Awesome. But it was the only day I had to work on it. So I powered through. I needed this thing DONE. There was a very big tv that had my husbands name written all over it sitting in a box in our family room.

The last picture is after one coat of stain. Looking GOOD!

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