Thursday, November 4, 2010

A few bits of Random...

I have a bad habit of remembering things. Probably because I run at full throttle most of the day. Or that I have three kids. Or a touch of some adult onset ADD. Or heck... all of that combined. So I make lists. But sometimes there is something so important that no matter how many lists I make I don't want to forget about it. So I put it on my hand.

In this case the writing on my hand says RB. Which my friends stands for Redbox. Why do I have Redbox written on my hand? Two words... free dvd. Every first Monday of the month I get an awesome little text to my phone with a free movie code. This time I took Gabe with me and let him pick. Probably not the wisest idea because we came home with Marmaduke. (Which in reality was a WAY better movie than I thought it would be.) But hey... FREE!

So, I live in the Greater Seattle Area. We are known for Coffee, Grey's Anatomy, Grunge Music and of course... RAIN. But what many of you don't know is that there are several cities in the US that get more rain than we do. Including Raleigh, NC. (I know this because we were looking at a possible job transfer there. No, we are not moving.) According to Weatherbase Raleigh gets an average of 41.8 inches of rain a year. Seattle... 39.1 yep Raleigh, NC wins that. HOWEVER, when it rains in Raleigh it RAINS. Here in Seattle we just get months and months and months of gloomy, overcast and drizzly days. And once in a while we get a doozy.

This is the view from my workroom window. Yes, that is a horse property next door. Yes, I am lucky to live here. But do you see that rain? This was on Monday and it was an awesome downpour.

Last bit of random of the day is my library book stack. Now please note that this is MY stack and does not include anything from any other member of my household.

This is what you call a SAHM's education. And/or Onica's Not Quite Midlife Crises. I've got some Dave Ramsey in there and an excellent book titled The House That Cleans Itself. You should also note the home decor books and magazines. And don't forget the knitting!!! I did remember to grab some Chic Lit. Even though I'm reading my way yet again through Harry Potter (I just started book #4).

So there we have it. Just some random things that can happen in a day at The Peasant Housewife's humble abode.

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