Thursday, November 11, 2010

I need another set of eyes. And more color!

Here's what the workroom looks like RIGHT NOW. (Yes, I decided to take the big plunge and move it downstairs so I can work and be close to the kiddo's.)

Ok, ready... set... go! Hit me with your ideas. (For furniture placement and where to put the computer. I have ideas to add color.)


  1. I would do a pretty yellow color personally....if you're working in there it would brighten it up! :)

  2. What if you moved the cutting table to in front of the window. then put the desk with the computer where the cutting table is now. You could put your file cabinet where the desk is now. Then you could make a credenza to go along the empty wall. This would give you a bit more standing up room.

  3. In theory putting my cutting table in front of the window would work, but I don't want to cut off any light and I don't want to put the cutting machine in the sun. (The room gets the most sun so therefore is the warmest anyways.)

  4. It took me a minute to figue out what room that was. Blocking off the living room with the shelves totally threw me!

    I wouldn't put the computer any closer to the window, because squinting at the screen in the sunlight is never fun. I'd move the desk & computer to that other wall, the one to the left of the shelves, because I am often going between kitchen and computer when I'm looking up recipes online, or checking Ravelry while waiting for the pot to boil. But maybe that's just me! And then the filing cabinet could go where the desk is now.

    Looks like you need another chair, too. Or a bench for a window seat!


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